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CulpeperCon 3rd Edition
coming march 2025

Story and Graphics Contest

Hosted by the Culpeper County Library Youth Services Department

What is CulpeperCon?

Culpeper County Library & the Friends of the Culpeper County Library will be hosting CulpeperCon 2nd Edition: Days of Future Culpeper to demonstrate how Culpeper County Library
as a fun and inclusive space for everyone using pop culture and fandoms stemming from the use of graphic novels, comics books, manga, science fiction, and other forms of media.

This contest is a great way to keep this tradition.


There are three categories in which you can enter:

Written story

○ Word count: 5,000 words maximum

○ Your story may be handwritten or typed on a computer


○Page count: 1 page
○ Your graphics may be completed on the computer or by hand
○ It must be 2-D

Combined story and graphics

○ Page count: 10 pages maximum
○ Your combined story and graphics must be like a comic book or graphic novel
○ May be completed on the computer or by hand


Each category will be divided into two age groups:
● K - 5th grade
● 6th - 12th grade

Your submission must relate to the following theme:
● Days of Future Culpeper

All submission categories will be displayed at CulpeperCon 2nd Edition: Days of Future Culpeper on March 23, 2024 at Culpeper County Library.
  1. Your work must be your own. Any plagiarism of words or graphics may be cause for you to be disqualified from the competition.

  2. You are allowed to enter once per category per your age group.

To Enter:

● Create your submission and include the following information:


First and last name
○ Grade level
○ Phone number and email


● Submit your submission either in person or online:

○Submit your entry via our online submission portal as a PDF or image file. 

○ Drop off your submission to the Youth Services Desk at the Culpeper County Library
○ Email your submission to

All submissions must be delivered by:
March 16, 2024
Criteria for Writing Piece:

● Creativity and Originality
○ Story has an imaginative and unique concept.
○ Characters are original.
○ Plot is unpredictable and engaging.
● Story Elements
○ The setting takes place in Culpeper.
○ Captains of Culpeper as one of the characters.
i. Backstory of the Captains of Culpeper and imagery is available at
○ The theme of the story relates to “Days of Future Culpeper”- however you wish to
interpret it.
● Character Development
○ Characters are well-developed and multi-dimensional.
○ Characters display realistic growth and change throughout the story.
○ Dialogue feels natural and authentic.
● Writing Style
○ Writing is clear, engaging, and concise.
○ Word choice is varied and appropriate for the genre.
○ Grammar and spelling are accurate.

Criteria for Graphic:

● Creativity and Originality
○ Artwork has an imaginative and unique concept.
○ Artwork is original and successfully communicates an idea or theme.
● Graphic Elements
○ Captain Culpeper is one of the characters.
○ The artwork relates to “Days of Future Culpeper”- however you wish to interpret
○ All elements are clear and easy to interpret.
● Effort
○ Artwork shows lots of detail and it is clear the artist put forth effort.
○ Item is fully colored or shaded.
○ Most or all of the page is covered in artwork.


Winning submissions will be displayed in the Culpeper Quarterly.

All submissions will be displayed in the Library during CUlpeperCon. 

For more information about  Culpeper County Library and other events , 
please visit 


271 Southgate Shopping Center


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